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Sunday, 10 July 2011

What a week!

I must say this week has been jam packed for transplant week. I have helped out the transplant team in the local shopping center by handing out donor register forms and discussing the register with people.

Some people were really supportive and keen to get signed up, I was impressed that so many people were already on the donor register! On a negative side I was kind of shocked by the attitude of young people. Many were quite ignorant, I asked one girl if she would be interested in joining the organ donor register and she replied " oh god no, I'm scared of needles". I also think quite a lot of people thought we were asking for money or getting them to sign up a monthly direct debit - cause many replied to my question - "oh no thanks".

I was truely touched by other voluneteers that day, there was a lady that had her kidney transplant 6 weeks ago, a man who had a kidney transplant but now needed a new one so was back on haemo again. There also was a lady there who was representing her son who had a transplant 2 years ago from a total stranger.

We also did a balloon release in memory of all the unknown people that had donated organs from their death and to remember their families who made the decision to donate their loved ones organs. It was a very moving day and to see so many people's lives who had changed from one selfless gift is truely amazing.

I have also been interviewed by the Hull Daily Mail about what life is like waiting for a kidney transplant and about my planned transplant next year. We made the front cover and we were so so pleased about the write up, Katie has done me proud! I just hope that it inspires other people to go on the donor register. Other magazines and papers have been in touch and so we are in talks about getting the story national, but at the moment it seems a bit all over because we want to get this story to the most people possible.

As for how I am this week, well my feet havn't touched the ground! I am very tired cause of all the events this week. but I have really enjoyed it, I have felt like a human again not just moping about the house.

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