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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Graduation Day

Yesterday I graduated as a bachelor of laws! Was a very long day but really enjoyed swanning around in my cap and gown showing off! I got a 2:1 law degree - I had worked so hard for yesterday. Not only was I graduating but did an interview for Calendar News about life on dialysis and what its like waiting for a transplant. They even came to film me graduate for the programme that was on air last night.

Calendar News 11/07/11

Not only this but I have just been interviewed by Peter Levy on BBC Radio humberside! All this publicity will do wonders for the cause and I am so very grateful. The press have written up my story so well and promote organ donorship in a good light.

I have also got the story to be in a magazine but will keep that hush hush until I know when I can release details.

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